Failures of Catherine the Great of Russia

Despite her achievement, Catherine the Great (Catherine II) had her share of failures. These included Ruthlessness and the Emergence of Assignation rubles. Ruthlessness of Catherine the Great Just as her ambition became vanity, Catherine II’s admirers sometimes noticed that she lacked something – charity, mercy and human sympathy. Indisputably, however, for the first time since Peter […]

Factors Contributing to the Growth of Early Childhood Education in Kenya

By Anthony M. Wanjohi: Kenya has a long tradition of early childhood education. The first early childhood development centres (pre-schools) were started in the 1940s by and for the exclusive use of the European and Asian communities. In 1950, during Mau Mau struggle for independence, the pre-school education programme was set in emergency villages in […]

Methods of Teaching Adults: Dialogue and Explanation Methods

This article explores the dialogue and explanation as teaching methods in Adult Education. Adult education usually involves one-on-one conversation in order for them to understand concepts. Dialogue Method of Teaching Adults Dialogue can get out of hand unless ground rules are set. These ground rules might include; learners raising their hand and wait for permission to […]

Challenges Facing Early Childhood Education in Developing Countries

Despite the growing importance of Early Childhood Education (ECE), there are a number of challenges that have continued to pull down its effective implementation. In this article, a number of major challenges have been briefly discussed. These include lack of adequate teaching and learning resources, socio-economic factors, high teacher-child ratio with poor remunerations, and financial constraints.  Socio-economic […]

The Role of Catherine the Great in Promoting Education and Health Care in Russia

Catherine the great had a number of achievements during her reign. This article highlights two key achievements, namely promotion of education in Russia and provision of health care to the Russians. Promotion of education in Russia The Establishment of the Moscow Foundling Home (Moscow Orphanage) was the first attempt at achieving that goal. It was […]

Importance of Screening Employees in Recruitment

Organizations and Employers ranging from small to large businesses understand the significance of hiring the best, most proficient and highly qualified persons. Employing such persons ensure that a safe, secure and favorable environment is created for the clients. Employee screening plays a critical part in getting the most suitable candidate. Why Employee Screening? Hiring persons and having them work […]