WBC offers a number of support solutions related to writing and publishing. These include Journal-Hosting and Publishing, Article Writing Support, Paper Writing Support and Research Support.   Journal-Hosting and Publishing  Support

Journal-Hosting and Publishing

WBC offers journal-publishing support solutions to college and university students and faculty members and practitioners. WBC hosts various peer-reviewed international journals in a wide range of academic fields, including education, social sciences, environmental sciences, health sciences, management, Business administration.

WBC  Journals include:

  1. Africa Journal of Humanities – AJH
  2. International Journal of Environmental and Health Sciences (IJEHS)
  3. Journal of Education in Developing Economies (JEDE)
  4. Journal of Management and Business Administration (JMBA)
  5. Journal of Medicine and Social Sciences (JMSS)

Article Writing Support

Writers Bureau Centre (WBC) provides article writing support solutions to the members of global community in a wide range of categories: Business, Education, Environment, Health, Management, Sciences, Product, and Technology among others. The articles are short and ordinarily are up to 500 words. We charge as low as 5 dollars per 500 words article. Get your articles, blog posts, e-books, website content, SEO articles, press releases – all written by WBC writers.

Paper Writing Support

Writing a paper, may it be for academic or publishing purpose can be mind-numbing owing to the time constrains, the availability of resources and technical nature related to various styles of writing. Well aware of various paper writing hustles and buzzles, we at WBC provide support services in terms of provision of resources, technical stylistic support, review, editing and formating. We adhere to the provided time line.

Research Support

In Proposal Writing Support, WBC engages in the following:

  • Offering guidance on identification of research topics,
  • Gathering resources for building the background to the study,
  • Support on  research objectives/questions/hypotheses,
  • Guidance on how to state a research problem,
  • Guidance on how to develop a conceptual and theoretical frameworks.
  • Literature resource retrieval from journals and digital libraries,
  • Guiding research designs and methodology,
  • Designing Data Collection Instruments,
  • Reviewing research reports based on reviewers’ comments.

In Data Coding and Analysis, WBC engages in the following:

  • Data Coding and Analysis with the help of statistical applications such as SPSS, EViews, Nvivo
  • Statistical Analysis: Descriptive and Inferential analysis using either Quantitative and Qualitative or both approaches.


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