Factors Influencing the Establishment of Mobile Primary Schools among the Nomadic People in North Horr, Kenya

Author: Mohammed Bante Adano
Institution: The Catholic University of Eastern Africa


Mobile schools are key towards enhancing the accessibility of schools among the nomadic and marginalized communities. While concerted effort has been made by various partners in education to make education accessible to all, there is still a huge school-access gap among the pastoralist communities in Kenya. The aim of this study was to examine the major factors influencing the establishment of mobile primary schools among the nomadic people in North Horr, Marsabit County in Kenya. The study adopted a cross-sectional survey research design, where four public primary schools were selected. The sample consisted of sixteen teachers and twenty four parents from the selected schools. In total there were forty respondents. The study used systematic sampling procedure to arrive at the sample of teachers and parents. Data collection instruments included questionnaires for both teachers and parents.  A statistical application, namely SPSS was used to process the collected data. Descriptive statistics such as frequencies and percentages were used to present the findings. From the analysis, the study found the following: the main factors that led to the establishment of mobile schools in North Horr Division included cultural practices, nomadic ways of life, community’s attitude towards education and school location. The study further found that there were no sound government policies put in place to address the issue of educational needs among the pastoralist communities in North Horr Division. The study recommended the need for government to design and implement pro-nomadic education policy to address the issue of school access and attitude towards education.

Key words: mobile primary schools, education access, nomads education policy, attitude towards education, school-access gap, nomads education, pastoralist education, nomadic people education

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