Factors Affecting Second Language Acquisition among Pre-school Children in Kasikeu Division, Makueni County

Author: Gaspar S. Kyalo
Institution: Limuru ECDE College
Post Category: Research Abstracts


The main purpose of the study was to examine the factors affecting second language acquisition among children aged 3-4 years in Kasikeu Division in Makueni County, Kenya. The study sought to examine the following: the effect of teachers teaching experience, academic level, level of training and language components on children’ Second Language Acquisition. The sample consisted of 20 language teachers and 10 administrators. The study used random sampling procedure to sample the teachers and administrators from schools in Kasikeu Division, Makueni Sub county.  The instruments that were used  in data collection included questionnaire and interview schedule. Questionnaire was used to collect data from teachers while interview guide was used with the administrators. Data were analyzed with the help of SPSS and presented in frequencies and  percentages. The study found that teacher’s experience was vital in children’s acquisition of  second language; a teacher did not necessarily require high academic level to improve on children’s acquisition of second language; to some extent teachers’ training had an effect on the children’s  acquisition of second language and the components of language greatly affected children”s capability of  acquiring second language. The study recommended that school administrators to ensure that the teachers recruited to teach second languages are experienced; the ministry of education to ensure that adequate training is given to pre-school teachers and parents and community members to cultivate an environment that nurtures acquisition of second language.

Key words: language acquisition, second  language acquisition, children  language acquisition, pre-school children language acquisition

Suggested referencing

Kyalo, G. S. (2007). Factors Affecting Second Language Acquisition among Pre-school Children in Kasikeu Division, Makueni County in Kenya. Available online at www.writersbureau.net/research-abstracts