The Number of Documents in Kenya Published in International Ranked Journals Since 1996

The following tabulation shows the number of documents in Kenya which are published in the International ranked Journals since the year 1996.  The publications are grouped according to subjects. Published Documents Summary – Kenya Reference SCImago. (2013). SJR — SCImago Journal & Country Rank. Retrieved March 24, 2015, from

Invitation for Articles: Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States

    INVITATION FOR ARTICLES Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States Stakeholder Forum will be publishing eight editions of Outreach to coincide with the Third International Conference on SIDS and the preceding Major Groups and Other Stakeholders Forum, Renewable Energy Forum and Private Sector Forum (29th August – 5th September 2014) and invites all stakeholders to contribute […]

Submitting a Research Paper for Publishing Consideration

Writers Bureau Centre is continually calling for submission of research articles or papers for publishing consideration. WBC publishes a number of journals including: International Journal of Environmental and Health Sciences (IJEHS) Journal of Education in Developing Economies (JEDE) Journal of Management and Business Administration (JMBA)   The Centre welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet […]

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

By Rufus Chesoli: Cognitive behavioral approaches are based on the fundamental principles which theorize that, individual’s emotional and behavioral responses are influenced by the individual’s cognition. CBT recognizes that individual’s cognitive processes are the primary determinants of feelings and actions, when responding to life events (McFarlane and Yehuda 2000). CBT models further explain that cognitive […]

Failures of Catherine the Great of Russia

Despite her achievement, Catherine the Great (Catherine II) had her share of failures. These included Ruthlessness and the Emergence of Assignation rubles. Ruthlessness of Catherine the Great Just as her ambition became vanity, Catherine II’s admirers sometimes noticed that she lacked something – charity, mercy and human sympathy. Indisputably, however, for the first time since Peter […]